Blackwater Lodge Newsletter - February 20, 2014

The First Springer!

For the second time in the last 3 years the Lodge has had the privilege of landing the First Salmon of the Season from the Cork Blackwater.

The first jump!

Safely landed & ready to release!

I took Charles Quesda from France (who is on work experience at the Lodge) out yesterday for his first ever day salmon fishing.
It was the first day that the lower river was looking even moderately fishable. It was 1.82m on the gauge, but the clarity was almost 3 feet.

We only got to the river at 12.00 & by 12.45 Charles had landed his first ever kelt. We already rated the day an outstanding success.
Then at 14.45 he landed the first salmon of the season from the entire Blackwater system which I was able to verify with IFI staff.
The fish was a beautiful fresh chunky fish which didn't appear to have any sea-lice. It weighed 6lb. & was safely released.
The spinner had fallen out in the net! At 14.45 he landed the first salmon of the season from the Blackwater which I was able to verify with IFI staff).
The fish weighed 6lb. & was safely released.  (See Blog for more pictures).

Second Springer Lost.
The same day (yesterday) another fresh salmon was lost on one of our beats on the upper river by Mark Gledhill (UK)
from inside the net (the spinner was hooked up inside the net!) after being played for 20 minutes.
It was a bar of silver which was estimated at ~15lb.

A few pictures of a very nervous Charles
with his very first salmon -  a 7lb. kelt.
We thought that was a great achievement
for the day & then he went on to land his
First real Salmon a while later!

Safely landed & ready to release!

There was only one kelt hooked yesterday so hopefully most of them have already left the river safely on the high water.

There was 6mm more rain overnight on the Lodge gauge.
This brought the river up 70cm at Millstreet & it has just peaked @ 12.00 & is now starting to fall.

This will raise the level somewhat through the system, but the forecast is then dry until Sunday.
With fish hooked on both the lower & upper river with just 3 rods out,
it looks as if we have a good stock of springers already run in on the high water.


I will of course continue to update the river conditions daily.

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