Blackwater Lodge Newsletter - August 7th., 2013

Record for Best Day of 2013 broken twice in 3 days!
Total Catch for Season passes 200!



This is the Blackwater below the Lodge today. The Ballyduff gauge on 0.36m!

Very heavy rain on Friday 2nd. gave a 4 foot flood on the upper river
which resulted in a 3 foot flood on the lower river.
This brought in a massive run of the fish which had been waiting in the tidal waters
during the long drought. Sea-liced fish are running all the way to our upper beats.

More localised rain in the middle catchment (Ballyhooly to Lombardstown)
brought the upper river up again by 0.45m briefly on Monday.

Best Day of 2013 record smashed twice in 3 days!

The flood was starting to go down last Saturday and four fish were caught.

On Sunday the previous Best Day record (which was eight) was smashed
with a staggering 20 to 11lb. caught for just 12 rod days.

The next day the heavy rain the night before gave coloured water on the upper beats in the morning
& then on the lower beats in the afternoon. Nevertheless, Eight fish to 12.6lb. were taken that day.

The Best Day record that was only established on Sunday was then broken yet again yesterday (Tuesday)
when 21 fish to 12lb. were caught for just 10 rod days.

Today, I already have 4 fish reported by lunchtime. The total to date for August is 57 for 54 rod days.
The Season Total has passed 200 today - standing at 203 at lunchtime today.

There is some light rain forecast for Thursday night, but the weather forecast is then dry
right through the coming weekend. See the 5 Day Forecast.
With fish now seriously on the take, we should have some fantastic sport in the coming days.

Availability of both fishing & accommodation is OK in the coming weeks.

Season Extension
Don't forget that we once again have an extension to the season this year until October 12th.
As last year, the 12 days in October will be fly only and catch & release.

Great Value Fishing!

We are seeing a great increase in the number of anglers visiting since we made our fishing more affordable. (2013 Price List)

Fishing is just €80/day for the remainder of the season.  B&B is also only €35/person sharing.
There is no problem for fishing & accommodation availability in the coming weeks until September when it is getting limited.
There is more availability for the season extension to October 12th.


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