Booking Information

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How to Reserve: Lodge services

  • Please email us a booking request giving all the relevant details:
    Arrival & departure dates, number of people & rods, type of accommodation, gillie/guide or tuition etc.
    If your anticipated dates are available, we can hold a provisional reservation for you.
  • Please note that for self-catering accommodation, the minimum stay is 3 nights
    There is no minimum for Lodge B&B accommodation.
  • Fly casting tuition. If required, this is available with a highly qualified (APGAI-Ireland) instructor.
    Tuition from the basic level in single or double-hand casting right up to the most advanced forms of speycasting.
    Cost is €50/hour for one or €60/hour for two persons.
    Normally recommended in periods of 2 hours max. to get the best benefit. Equipment provided as required.
  • Bookings are only firm once your deposit is paid, and you have received our written confirmation.
  • The full balance is due one month before arrival except for Outside Self-catering Cottages & Gillies/Guides.
    Payment for these should be made in cash direct to the Cottage Owner or Gillie.
  • If you have any special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    We are here to advise you & help you plan an enjoyable & memorable holiday.
  • For children under 12 years, there is a 1/3 discount.
  • Please Note that we normally only accept bookings from parties which include salmon fishing.
    For hotel & self-catering accommodation at the Lodge, the norm is at least one person fishing per room per day.
    For Outside Cottages, the norm is at least one person fishing per Cottage per day
    (This, of course, does not apply to arrival & departure days).
    These conditions may be negotiable depending upon the season.

Payment Terms

We can offer you two options for the payment of your holiday:-

  • Either - Pay a (minimum) deposit of 1/3 of the total on reservation, & the full balance one month before arrival.
    (please note that car ferry tickets have to be paid in full with the deposit upon reservation
    in order to avail of the excellent prices we can offer)
  • Or - Pay the total amount on reservation, and get a discount of 1% per month from the time of reservation to arrival.

    Please Note:

    This discount applies to:-

    - Lodge Hotel accommodation
    - Lodge 1, 3 and 3/4 bedroom cottage accommodation
    - Salmon Fishing
    The discount does not apply to:-

    - Lodge 2 bedroom cottage accommodation
    - Outside Cottages
    - Gillies


  • Deposits are refunded (less 10% cancellation fee) if written notification is received
    at least 2 calendar months prior to the arrival date.
    Thereafter deposits are not refunded.
  • Full balance is due one month before arrival. There is no refund after this date.
  • We recommend that you take out Travel Insurance which includes cover for forfeiture of deposit.
  • We regret that there is no refund as a result of adverse river or weather conditions.


Can be made by the following methods:-

  • By direct Bank Transfer to our account. 
  • UK Cheques on UK accounts in sterling only.
    (e.g.: do not try to write an amount in Euros on a Sterling cheque - the bank does not accept them!)
  • By Credit Card: Access / Visa / Eurocard / Mastercard (Sorry - we do not accept Diners or American Express)
    Due to new regulations, these should be communicated to us by phone please - not by email.
    If you can give me a landline, I can call you for this.
  • By Cash - you should send this by registered post.
  • By International Money Order or Banker's Draft.
  • Cheque in Euros (a bank clearing charge usually applies).

Please Note: We do not take responsibility for bank charges incurred in any such transactions.