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European Fishing Links

Euro-Fly   The largest choice of fly-tying items in Europe (more than 8.000 references). French and English versions. We export worldwide. Don't hesitate to have a look !
Fario Club Non-profit fly fishing club founded and maintained by enthusiastic fly fishers in Berlin and the State of Brandenburg (Germany), & created only for the public welfare.  The club is a source of information and forum for all issues of fly fishing, especially the fishing for non-salmonids. Member of the Brandenburg Association of Anglers e.V. (LAV).
Flyfishing International Swiss site from Guenter Feuerstein. In English & German.
Flyfishingparadise Swiss flyfishing portal in English, German & Italian 
Rackelhanen Flyfishing Magazine Swedish Webzine all about fly fishing.
Red Tag Danish Salmon & Seatrout Fishing
SK Fiske Swedish language Blog
Spinnerundco German language site for spinners & more!