2005 Photo Gallery for March

March 13, 2005.

Thomas Sheehan - 9.1 lb. Spinner on Kents.                
Jason O'Riordan - 9.3 lb. Shrimp on Lower Kilmurry.
Jason also returned another fish of ~ 8 lb. 
taken on shrimp

March 15

Chris Davies - 9.0 lb.
Taken on spinner on 
The Lug Pool
on Lower Kilmurry
March 28

Guy Beck - 9.6 lb.
Taken on spinner
on  the Bridge Pool
at Ballyhooly Bridge
March 29

Released by Peter Moore (Dublin).
Weight approx. 8 lb. Taken on spinner
on the Bridge Pool on Ballyhooly.
March 30

3 year old Anna Powell
with her very first fish!