2005 Photo Gallery for February

February 17, 2005.

The first fish of 2005 taken on tube fly on sunk line
by Connie Corcoran (R) - weighing 9.4 lb with sealice!
Connie lost another on spinner estimated at 12-14 lb as well!
The second of the season taken on spinner
by Jason O'Riordan - weighing 8.2 lb.
Also in picture - Glenda Powell (Lodge proprietress)

February 26, 2005

Ferdinand Rodrigues (Portugal).
His first ever salmon - 6.6 lb.
Taken on spinner on Kents.
Gillie - Connie Corcoran.
February 28, 2005

Jason O'Riordan (again!)
- 8.2 lb.
Taken on spinner on Kents.