Tackle Tips for Salmon Fishing on the Cork Blackwater

Fly Fishing:

A 14' - 16' double-handed rod is ideal for Spring & Backend fishing, when large flies (#4-8) and tube flies to 3" on sunk lines may be the order of the day.
Leader would be 15-18lb. (~0.35)

Double-handers can also be used in summer, especially those with lighter line weights.
Great sport can also be had with single-handed tackle when the grilse are running from late May on.  Ideally - use a 9 foot #8/9 weight rod minimum.
Then, smaller flies (#8-14) on floating or sink tip lines are more popular.   Leaders from 6-12lb (0.25-0.30)


Patterns & sizes vary greatly depending on the water height, colour & temperature.
We find the most successful are :-
- all types of Shrimp Flies especially Ally's Cascade, Shadow Cascade & Original, Apache & Silver Shrimp.
- Irish Shrimp flies especially Bann Special & Foxford. 
- the old favourites such as Stoat's Tail, Silver Stoat, Monroe Killer, Thunder & Lightning, Hairy Mary, Blue Charm & Garry Dog.

In low water in summer, we would fish down as small as size 16 especially using small shrimp patterns tied on low water trebles.
We also stock these in our shop.

But don't be afraid to try your own personal favourites.................... 
The one most likely to succeed is the one you have the most confidence in!

Want to tie your own before you come. Here are some links to the tying of various patterns, especially shrimp types.


Spinning, Worming & Shrimping:

For Spinning, a 10' - 12' rod is important for giving you good casting range.

If Worming or Shrimping, an 11' - 13' rod gives the best bait control.

We recommend lines up to 15 lb. BS for Spring & Backend fishing, as any fish hooked could be the fish of a lifetime.

In low water, 6 - 10 lb. BS is adequate for the more delicate presentation of shrimp, worms & smaller spinners.

For Spring, Backend & summer flood fishing, the favourites would be 22gm Silver Bullet spinners - Flying C type spinners with a silver body & rubber tail. Also spoons up to 28 gm, and Devons up to 3" in high water & smaller spinners & spoons for lower water levels.

In the Summer & lower spring or autumn water levels, the favourites would be Breton Flying C in 10 or 16gm.

For Silver Bullet/Flying C the favourite Colours would be:
Black works very well in all colours of water. Also :-

Yellow or White in coloured water
Red in slightly coloured water
Natural in clear water.


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