2014 Irish State Salmon Licence

A State Licence is required by every salmon angler. The new prices are as outlined below.
They are all available in our tackle shop here at the Lodge. There are several types:-

Type Area Period 2014
(under 18)
All Fishery Regions All Season  10
Adult All Fishery Regions 1 Day  20
Adult All Fishery Regions 21 Day   40
Adult 1 Fishery Region All Season   56
Adult All Fishery Regions All Season €100

The normal one required for a visitor to the Lodge for a weeks fishing is the 21 day licence.

Salmon Fishery Regulations 2014

Issued by: Concerning Regulation
Department of the Marine Season

See Below

Blackwater Lodge Worming in Spring Not to be used until all kelts have left the river. Usually late March


The annual catch limit is 10 salmon or seatrout over 40cm in total for 2014.
There is also a daily bag limit of three sea trout (under 40cm) per angler per day.

The day/season bag limits are as follows:

Period Blackwater National
   Spring Fishing:  January 1 to May 11  - 3 fish per licence in total.  - 3 fish per licence in total.
1 fish/day maximum.
Summer Fishing:  May 12 to August 31  - Daily bag limit of 3 fish.  - Daily bag limit of 3 fish.
Autumn Fishing:  September 1 to 30.  - Daily bag limit of 1 fish.  - Daily bag limit of 1 fish.
Backend Fishing: October 1 to 12.  - Catch & release only.    Not applicable.

Catch & Release

Once a bag limit has been caught, it is permitted to
continue fishing practising catch & release
provided that single barbless hooks are used.

Barbed double or treble hooks can be modified to comply.
The use of worms  is prohibited when catch & release applies.

It is prohibited sell rod caught salmon or sea trout over 40cm. 

Your Catch!

Of course, when you come to stay & fish with us - we hope you are going to catch salmon!
So when you do - what would you like to do with them?

   Catch & Release:     The choice is yours within the rules? Preferably return your fish alive - especially if they are not very fresh. They are - after all - our future!                                   Of course, we do expect anglers to return all stale or coloured fish alive.
Back at the Lodge:     Proudly display your catch when you return after weighing, labelling & recording.  Then decide what you would like to do with your fish.

  • Kept fresh - whole, or vacuum packed in fillets or steaks.

  • Frozen whole, or vacuum packed in fillets or steaks.

    Alternatively (and subject to available resources)

  • Smoked here at the Lodge. Vacuum packed as sides or sliced.
    (This need 2 nights, so fish caught up to your last but one day fishing would normally be ready for you to take when you leave).

  • Marinated (Gravad Lax) - (requires 48 hours to prepare).


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